How to Install Pond Aerator

Learn how to install pond aerator

Pond aeration provides circulation, increases oxygen levels, and eliminates stratification also know as thermoclines. Eliminating stratification prevents, fish kills, weed and algae growth and muck build up

Tips: Use two people. If you pond is in really stratified you may need to start aeration at 30 min a day, and add 30 min a day until running for 24 hours. This is necessary to eliminate odder and fish kills.

Tools & Supplies needed for installation: Flat headed screwdriver, pick, shovel, landscape rake, marking paint, knife, rope, boat, buckets gravel, grass seed and straw.

  • Step 1: Determine location (best if it’s near existing power, within 1000’ of pond and in a low traffic area. Recommended GFI Outlet)
  • Step 2: Have your Underground Utilities marked.
  • Step 3: Place the Cabinet on the ground in the predetermined location.
  • Step 4: Trace 8” outside cabinet and remove sod or soil. Install Stone for Solid Base
  • Step 5: Place and Level Cabinet\
  • Step 6: Trench to pond edge 8” deep and install one direct burial airline for each diffuser. Back fill only in a few locations to hold the line in place and do not cover any connections.
  • Step 7: Unroll weighted lines and connect to direct burial lines.
  • Step 8: Assemble diffuser plates, and plug in system.
  • Step 9: Use boat and rope to guide diffuser or diffusers into correct locations. (Best in the center of the Pond. If you have two or more divide pond and place in the middle of each section.
  • Step 10: Adjust Cabinet for correct pressure, check for leaks and backfill.
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