How Your Sloped Backyard can become a Luxurious Retreat

Fiberglass Pool on a Sloped Backyard in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania

Over in the lush landscapes of Fort Washington, PA, we rolled up our sleeves for a pool project that flexed our creative muscles to build a Fiberglass Pool on a sloped backyard! The backyard was tricky – a tight squeeze with a bit of a slope. But hey, we love a good challenge! Turning this backyard into the ultimate outdoor area required some serious brainpower and a sprinkle of innovation. Sloped backyards? No sweat! They allow us to think outside the box and develop seriously cool solutions. You see, we don’t just build pools. We engineer experiences in bringing your backyard dreams to life, no matter what the landscape throws our way.

Fiberglass Pool Fort Washington Pennsylvania

The Beauty of Various Materials

Get ready for a feast for your eyes! Our team whipped up a killer solution for this project. Our secret sauce? A smorgasbord of diverse materials to level the ground and jack up the aesthetics. What makes this project a standout? Well, we’ve blended all sorts of goodies, from travertine and pavers to a concrete retaining wall that’s been cleverly disguised to look like wood. But wait, there’s more! We brought in the big guns – actual rocks and boulders – to shape the gradient; all of which perfectly complemented the overall design. Simply put, it’s a textured treat that’s easy on the eyes. So go ahead, feast your eyes! Just imagine what we could do for you!

Fiberglass Swimming Pool Fort Washington PaFire Pit and Pool Fort Washington Pa pool and spa fort Washington PA

From Design to CompletionFiberglass Pool Design Fort Washington Pa
Sure, the project’s design was fascinating.
But the execution of a pool being built into a slope?

That was truly a thrilling endeavor. Picture this, working in reverse, a challenge thrown at us by the local township. But no sweat, right? We dove right in, starting with the retaining wall. Next up, was the excavation for the pool, and here’s the kicker; the pool was hoisted by a crane sixty feet in the air and around the house. Yes, you read that right, with a crane. Goosebumps? Maybe, but for us, it was a highlight of the project.

Pool Crane ConstructionCrane Fiberglass Pool Construction






Once that was done, it was time to get our hands dirty!

Starting with the plumbing, spa lights, drains and the returns all were installed and backfilled with stone. Finally, it was time for the hardscape and masonry work, complimented by the lush and beautiful plantings that our landscape division oversaw. It was an incredible journey, and a project that we’re truly proud of. So yes, the design was interesting, but the execution was a whole different ball game! This project was a testament to our ability to turn challenges into opportunities. We love how it turned out, and believe it’s a great example of our creativity and problem-solving skills.

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