Transforming a Front Yard in Coatesville Pa with Pennsylvania Bluestone

Transforming a Front Yard with a Pennsylvania Bluestone Walkway

This project in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, was focused on designing and installing a Pennsylvania Bluestone Walkway that blends seamlessly with the landscape. This beautiful property is part of an old farm and the model home for the entire development. It offered us a unique canvas within which to work. We can’t wait to show you the key features and design choices that made this project unique.

Creating a Natural Look with Practical Access

One of the main goals for this project was to create a natural-looking landscape that provided practical access from the lower driveway to the front door. This was achieved using Pennsylvania Bluestone to construct a walkway that gracefully handled the elevation change. Instead of multiple steps, we opted for a single step and a ramped walkway, allowing for smooth and easy access.

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Pondless Waterfall and Fountainscape

A standout feature of this project is the pondless waterfall. We designed a system where water is collected in a basin at the bottom, pumped to the top, and recirculated. This basin also collects rainwater from the downspouts, ensuring it tops off naturally during every rainstorm. The water feature is strategically placed to be visually appealing from various viewpoints, whether standing in the driveway, on the porch, or walking up the walkway. We incorporated elements such as a spillway bowl and a hidden waterfall to enhance the aesthetic appeal. Combined with careful plantings, these features create a dynamic and engaging visual experience as you move through the space.

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 Crafting with Pennsylvania Bluestone

Pennsylvania Bluestone is a favorite material for many reasons. Each stone is unique, with varying colors ranging from blue to red, tan, gray, and orange. This variability means that every walkway we create has its distinct character. Trust in the material is essential, as the final look is always a beautiful surprise. The intersection of two walkways is a highlight, showcasing the stone’s rich colors and natural beauty. We also landscaped around a charming barn on the property, softening its appearance with thoughtful plantings that add year-round interest.

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Embracing Practicality with Aesthetic Appeal

As the project pgrave walkway coatesville parogressed, we made a design change based on practical considerations. Initially, we planned to extend grass into specific areas, but maintenance concerns led us to opt for a gravel path. This choice added a pleasing contrast to the Pennsylvania Bluestone and was well-received by the homeowners.  Our team arranged large boulders and other natural materials throughout the project to create a harmonious and inviting landscape. The process of setting these stones and seeing the design come to life is always a rewarding experience.

A Front Yard to Be Proud Of

This landscaping project in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, successfully blended natural aesthetics with practical design. From the Pennsylvania Bluestone walkway to the pondless waterfall and carefully selected plantings, every element was chosen to create a cohesive and beautiful outdoor space. We are thrilled with the results and believe this front yard transformation will be enjoyed for years.

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