Transforming a Challenging Terrain into a Stunning Outdoor Oasis in West Chester PA

Transforming challenging terrain into a stunning outdoor oasis in West Chester PA. Creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space can be a daunting task, especially when faced with challenging terrain. At Turpin Landscape Design Build, we recently completed a remarkable project in Westchester, Pennsylvania, that perfectly illustrates our expertise and creativity in overcoming such challenges. This blog delves into the key aspects of this project, highlighting the features and solutions that made it a success.

Fiberglass Pool with Modern Amenities

Features of the Rivers I30 Model

The centerpiece of this project is a stunning fiberglass pool, specifically the Rivers I30 model. This pool is designed with several modern amenities to enhance the swimming experience:

  • Tanning Shelf: A shallow area perfect for lounging.
  • Deep End Stepout Benches: Convenient spots for resting in the deeper sections of the pool.
  • Salt System and Automation: Ensures easy maintenance and a pleasant swimming environment.
  • Lights and Electric Heater: Extend the usability of the pool into the evening and cooler seasons.

Aesthetic Enhancements

To complement the pool, we chose PA blue stone thermal coping with a square edge for a clean, modern look. The patio surrounding the pool is crafted from pattern two flagstone, also made of PA blue stone, which extends to various parts of the property, including the area under the existing deck and a walkway leading to the back door.

Overcoming Steep Terrain with Creative Solutions

Grade Challenges

One of the most significant challenges of this project was the steep terrain, with a 9-foot grade difference from the bottom of the deck to the backyard’s tree line. This required innovative solutions to create a safe and accessible outdoor space.

Boulder Walls and Steps

To manage the steep grades, we incorporated multiple layers of Boulder walls to retain the pool area and patio. Additionally, we created a beautiful natural staircase using large irregular blue stone steppers and flagstone pieces, flanked by landscaping for a seamless integration into the environment.

Custom Pool House and Additional Features

Pool House Design

Adding to the property’s charm is a custom pool house featuring:

  • Bar with Veneer Stone and Granite Countertops: Perfect for entertaining guests.
  • Open Gable and Metal Roof: Provides an airy and durable structure.

Flat Play Area and Waterfall

To provide a flat area for the homeowner’s children to play, we extended the Boulder walls to push back the hillside, creating a usable space. Additionally, we installed a 12T pondless waterfall, which adds a soothing soundscape and can be seen from various points around the property, including inside the house.

Addressing Drainage Issues with a French Drain System

Despite the absence of township-required stormwater management, the homeowner experienced drainage problems. We addressed these issues by installing a French drain system between the pool area and the pondless waterfall. This system effectively slows down and redirects water flow, preventing erosion and water accumulation.

This project showcases our ability to transform challenging landscapes into beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. The combination of a modern fiberglass pool, creative terrain management, a custom pool house, and effective drainage solutions resulted in a stunning backyard oasis that the homeowners can enjoy for years to come. Looking for more inspiration click here!


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